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7 Steps For Renovating Your Home

by renov


The wallpaper is peeling off, the floor tiles are cracked and the kitchen sink is leaking. It’s time for a makeover – time to renovate your home. But how to start the big project if you haven’t done anything similar before? How much will it cost? How long will it take? How do you prevent a massive failure? And what needs to be done?


Today, we introduce you to the challenge of renovating your home the right way. We give seven useful tips so that you can comfortably tackle the big project.

Up, out or under: what sort of extension is right for you?

by renov


Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed building approvals for home renovations in totalled $6.35 billion in 2012 – or around $500 million every month. So chances are you, or someone you know, will be thinking of extending up, out or under – or giving your home a makeover at some point.

To renovate or not to renovate?

by renov


These days more and more people are considering renovating.

Without doubt it has great rewards, both personal and financial. Yet on the other hand renovations can lead to overspending and little to no profit come sale day.

There are a magnitude of reasons why this can happen: market shift, blowing your budget, or not allowing for a monetary buffer for when things go wrong in unexpected areas. To combat this, it is vital to scope out your potential project before you commit.