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The Modern Kitchen: 5 Countertops to Consider

by renov

paperstone countertop
Countertops can make or break a kitchen, not only in terms of their use and durability, but in how they look, feel, and mesh with the overall look of the space. Leaving aside the more practical considerations for a moment (head to our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Countertops if you want some quick pros and cons), I’m considering what feels truly modern in a kitchen these days.

Of course, what constitutes a “modern” material is open for (endless) discussion, and I can only give you my personal opinion. Currently, I’m all about a smooth but natural feel and uniformity of colour. That leaves plastic-y solid surfaces, heavily veined marble, and rustic butcher block—as much as I may like them—out of the running. Instead, take a gander at these five options, and share your suggestions in the comments below.