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8 Small (But Impactful) Bathroom Upgrades To Do This Weekend

by renov


Does your bathroom need an upgrade? For not a lot of money, and without outside help, you can dramatically boost your bath’s appearance in a weekend — without the need for a full renovation. Small improvements (as your time and wallet allow) are a manageable alternative to full-scale remodeling, but have a transformative effect that’s refreshing and gratifying. Try one of these 8 small-scale projects yourself…

Before & After: A Sleek New Look for a Compact Brooklyn Bathroom

by renov



When Ellen and Ben bought their first home, a 1963 co-op in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood, they had big remodeling dreams: they planned to update the whole place, starting with the kitchen. But then they got cold feet. They’d never remodeled anything before, and starting with their kitchen, which felt like the heart of their apartment, seemed like a pretty big task. So they decided to start small(ish), with the master bathroom.

Their big goals for their bathroom remodel were to open up the dated space and make it feel bigger and brighter. They also wanted to replace their older fixtures with newer, more water-efficient ones.