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5 Ideas to Steal from 5 Compact Living Rooms

by renov


Here’s the dilemma of homeowners: they love inviting friends over but they don’t know how to fit everyone inside a small living space. While some can stay in the balcony and dining area, there are guests who simply want to relax and get comfy in the (small) living room. Don’t panic! You can turn a limited space into an inviting corner—so inviting, that your guests will surely want to stay there for good!

Transform your living area with the help of these well-maximized spaces as pegs:


1. Keep everything simple

To be able to move freely around a small space, the trick is to keep everything open and simple. This living area highlights an L-shaped sofa paired with a coffee table. You may choose to work with a few furniture pieces to avoid a cramped space. Worried about a dull look? Liven it up with colorful pillows and throws.


2. Choose an interesting rug

A striped rug can make a narrow and small space appear wider. Take inspiration from this cute and colorful living area. The rug was paired with a gray sofa with pops of colors seen in the accessories and extra chair.

Another idea that you can do at home? Separate the living area from the rest of the space using a shelf as divider! Spruce it up with your things and a few decor pieces.


3. Choose a slim coffee table with storage space underneath

If you can’t fit enough chairs in the living area, don’t worry! Prepare your ottomans and floor pillows that your guests can use. These pieces are better choices—especially when it’s movie night or game night at home!

No place to store these pieces once you’re done using them? Keep them under the coffee table. Just make sure you remove dust and dirt before letting your guests use it again.


4. Make it well-lit

Nothing beats a space bathed in natural light. But what if the party is at night? Don’t scrimp on lighting, of course! Consider investing in floor lamps, table lamps, or a simple chandelier.

Bonus tip: While you may choose not to have a coffee table in the living area, you may opt to have small tables or nesting tables just in case you need to prepare snacks and turn the space into an extension of the dining room.